Friday, July 27, 2012

Maine, again. And Tumblr again.

I'm back home in Maine and couldn't be happier about it. Things are calmer here. It feels like Christmas in a way, but that's probably because we're only ever all together here over Christmas, usually. It's me, my brother, my dad and my step-mom for the weekend, then just me and my brother until Wednesday when his fiancee gets in, then I head to Boston and Cape Cod for the weekend.

In case you haven't noticed, almost all my blogging is now taking place over at my Tumblr -- even the lengthier, more personal posts (although that only started recently and I'm still not sure I want to subject my followers to that -- but I suppose everyone signs up to follow you, just as you've signed up to follow this blog, right? Right.)

Anyway. I think for now you can plan on posts over here stopping for a while. Indefinitely, I guess. This makes me somewhat sad because I really do credit my entire writing career to this blog, but rather than think of my Tumblr as a separate blog I'm going to think of it as merely the evolution of this blog. Of course I may at some point get all these posts archived on the Tumblr or move them over there or however that works, somehow, if that's even possible. But until then, I'd recommend changing your Jaw Wired Shut bookmark to the URL instead! See you on Tumblr, my friends.

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