Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fatherly Advice

So somewhere along the way I forgot that my dad reads the blog and therefore he now knows things about me he probably doesn't want to, and I probably don't want him to know. Which brings me to Match. When I had the revelation after posting about Match that my dad would soon discover this fun fact I decided I would just deflect any questions that might come up and pretend it wasn't happening. Then, a few days ago, I get this email:

Hi Annie,
I read your blog and saw that you're on match - this is not the email of fatherly advice about dating that you may think. All I wanted to tell you that (as you know I did this in a different age group) is that (1) you have to approach it with a spirit of adventure; and, (2) it's a numbers game. I don't think it's different at any age because you're dealing with the general population: 10% are really and truly weird people; 80% are nice, often very smart, will have no connection with you, you'll never see them again nor will you have any interest in doing so; 9% are people you'd like to know better, be friends with and possibly more; 1% are perfect for you. So it means going out a lot and even signing up on other sites as well.

But the best part is the having a spirit of adventure and that's what is redeeming about the 10% who are weirdos, as long as you're safe. I have great stories, character studies and some good material for writing about the odd things that people do or say. I even have a file of emails of people spilling their guts about things they wouldn't talk to their best friends about. I don't think it's an invasion of privacy because I'd never reveal who they are - in fact, I don't even remember who they are, but what I have are little vignettes about real people's lives that I can use, combine, etc. in the writing, which I hope will entertain me into my elder years.

That's it. No fatherly advice about how to handle men, which I hope you're very relieved about.

Aw, Dad. So wise, so intuitive, so smart to avoid talking to me about EW! BOYS! and stick with what we are good at: making fun of people. No, that's not what I mean, but I love the fact that we both seem to have determined internet dating to be a fantastic place for character study and writing material. Like father, like daughter, no? And fun fact: my dad met my step-mom from one of these dating sites, and they are happy as clams. So, who knows...

And don't worry, I have another date tonight which means a full report tomorrow.

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