Friday, March 07, 2008

Assistant Uprising! Hollywood in Chaos!

Okay so that headline isn't accurate at all, but this article courtesy of Defamer, and detailing a story of assistants at UTA saving themselves from losing email addresses with their own names, reminded me that I, am one of those nameless. My email address, much like the assistants at William Morris, is made of my boss's initials, the word "assist" and then, at our company. I have no identity. I am simply a working drone, without whom my boss couldn't function.

Fun fact--Defamer loves to rip on CAA, with a recurring joke about how they devour babies as protocol in their giant evil empire of running Hollywood, but apparently (and yes this comes per some CAA assistants I had drinks with) Defamer is in fact represented by UTA. It's all coming together now! Based on some calls I've listened to with my boss and CAA agents, they seem reasonable enough people. Actually, who am I kidding--what agent in this town is sane?

Anyways, for those who have absolutely no clue as to what I am talking about... you're not missing much. Just go watch an episode of Entourage and the character Ari Gold very, very closely. And Lloyd? That's me (despite the whole gay, Asain man part).

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Bianca Reagan said...

Thanks for sharing, kid! Someday you'll have a real email address all your own.