Monday, March 10, 2008

Cleanse Day 4: Do I really have to drink this shit for another week?

It's Monday, my friends. Monday's are no fun, as I often suggest, and this Monday is, in ways, especially grim. I am on my fourth day of Master Cleansing, and I have to say, this lemon-syrup-cayenne concoction is really starting to make my tongue curl. On the bright side, I had a cup of peppermint tea this morning, which is permissible once daily, and tastes like thin mints and sunshine and unicorns in one precious cup. I am already looking forward to drinking the tea tomorrow.

It was an interesting weekend, not eating and all. Fortunately I had bucketloads of reading to tackle for work and could divert my attention in that direction. Saturday night I went with friends to a concert of indie bands (aka everyone who has played on an episode of Grey's Anatomy) at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Not eating or drinking at a concert was quite an experience. The back pain from standing for three hours was much more vivid, due to lack of chemical distraction. An interesting side effect of the cleanse is that during night time I suddenly am a terrible driver. Now I am no perfect chauffeur normally, but I think I am good enough (when not distracted) and the cleanse has me all loopy when it gets to be night time.

Beyond that I am feeling good, feeling as though those toxins are seeping out and in just a week (less than that actually) I can eat delicious food again. Oh my god I can't wait. Until then, it's laxative tea and salt water enemas to look forward too. Mmmmm. More cayenne!

Please note: While cleansing I seem to have lost some of my creative juices (hence the irrelevant post today). Here's hoping that some bright ideas will come back with the toxins.

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