Friday, April 25, 2008

To go or not to go?

The brain is functioning at a low capacity this morning. Oh Friday, you get me every time...

With that in mind, I am considering going to Coachella tomorrow. For those who don't know, Coachella is a three day music festival in the middle of the California desert. I think of it as the West Coast Bonnaroo (which I want to last year) but with less dust and a different line-up. Anyways, I have some friends who are going and it would appear that at the very least I have a place to crash, so the temptation to just drive to Indio for some spontaneous music loving is... high. This is likely to be a terrible decision as I have no tickets, will probably get stuck in 8 hour traffic and am completely unprepared (and still on my bronchitis inhaler woohoo), but I'm feel adventurous.

Then again, there's a good chance I'll be really hungover tomorrow morning and I am supposed to go to the UCLA Book Fair for work. Work smerk. I am also getting over the illness and need sleep... or I need the adventure... or I need the rest... hmmm.

To go or not to go? Right now it's looking about 50-50.

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Anonymous said...

I am going to get you so redardedly (not a word) drunk that you won't be able to legally operate a motor vehicle until 5 PM tomorrow. True story.
Yours, Jack Shepard's Malfunctioning Appendix