Monday, October 06, 2008

Disclaimer: Temporary Politically Themed Blog

Hi. Yeah. So. If you haven't noticed recently my blog posts have been a bit more politically themed than usual. I'd like to just clear the air about that RIGHT NOW.

I can't help it. The political atmosphere in this country is at such a state of intense over-saturation and I am both a victim and catalyst of that. I care so much that I absolutely cannot pretend THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF MY LIFETIME doesn't exist and affect my emotional well-being every day.

Obviously, I am of the liberal-minded folk. And yes, I fully endorse Barack Obama, and yes I think SHE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED is a terrifying representation of the current state of America--how the great have fallen--and it sickens me to think that woman could be one heartbeat away from running the country. (And just so you know, I used to really like McCain and wanted him to be Kerry's running mate back in 2004. But oh how the times have changed, and oh we are in such NEED of change!) And so, I cannot be silent. I cannot.

If you are at all annoyed/offended/dissuaded by my occasional political rants, and increasing politically themed posts, I cannot apologize, but just ask that you continue to read--if not to find ample opportunity to mock me, but at the very least to humor me, and to recognize it's a good thing I care, and hopefully my fervor will die down after the election. And also hope that I haven't moved to Europe, or India, or New Zealand, which, if certain people are elected, could happen. Seriously. No really. I am totally serious.

Anyway, it's not like I am getting all HuffPo on you or trying to claim any sort of expertise (I AM GOD) so you can just brush me off as some bleeding heart like the best of 'em. And yes, okay, maybe I recently de-friended someone on Facebook because they were so overtly NASCAR -McCain/Palin lovin'-Obama/Biden hatin' (and also this dude was WEIRD in high school and haven't talked to him since) but try to give me the benefit of the doubt, okay?

And I hope you are registered to vote. Everyone should vote. We are lucky to have that privilege. I got my absentee ballot on Saturday and I had goosebumps opening it. Really. It looks so basic and simple and unimportant. But it's everything.

Vote November 4th.


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