Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Record Breaking


This is my 60th blog post for the month of March. Which means not only have I delivered on my promise, but I have broken a record for most posts per month (passing the previous record of 56 posts in May 2008) and as this is a seriously record-breaking post I feel that it should also be ground-breaking and trouble-breaking and maybe bone-breaking too.

Alas, the creative juice supply is low today. Instead I find myself staring at Horace, envisioning what sort of nametag I should make for his pretty basket. What? You thought that because he’s a plant he doesn’t deserve a nice name plate? Horace has been a big addition to my life, here, people. Think about it. When you sit at a desk for 9 hours a day, a large green plant can really spruce up your daily existence.

What other fun things do I have at my desk, besides the standard office equiment?

A small calendar
A card my boss gave me on my birthday
My Twilight bookmark (it’s taped to the side of my computer)
A picture frame I made during an arts & crafts project that contains the words that embody the spirit of my team for the year (THINK SYNERGY)
A silly picture my friend drew for me
A sign taped on my computer that says “BE PROFESSIONAL”
Another sign on my computer reminding me what places I need to pay bills to
A photo of the Obamas and Bidens (because I love freedom)
A small “Thank You For Not Smoking” placard I once stole from a cruise ship
A big picture that says “Gen Y. Their stereotype? Entitled.”

And that’s about it.

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