Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what not to do when on a conference call

Earlier today I was on a conference call and because I like to multi-task I was also eating some Hot Tamales and talking online with DiTonto who mentioned she was going to walk to Subway for lunch and because we work near each other and because I didn't feel like waiting in line I demanded she get me some Subway too so then I started laughing a little bit but tried to stifle my laugh but this was difficult whilst eating Hot Tamales and then one of my co-workers asked,

"Who is breathing really loudly?"

So I put the phone on mute.

But DiTonto didn't end up going to Subway afterall so I got a Grilled Chicken Club from a restaurant downstairs and while I delighted at the savory saltiness of some bacon I contemplated a resolution to Swine Flu: what if we just eat all the swine? GET IT!!!!!???

No really. Has anyone explored this option?

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Matthew said...

why wasn't your phone on mute in the first place? Is that not step #1 for every con call?