Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Don't worry, I haven't forsaken you! But with a new job comes new responsibility and less time to do personal things. OBV. So blogging will be LIGHT for a bit while I adjust.

But let's see what can I share, what oh what....

Welllllll Maine was AWESOME but mostly because I ate a lot of ITALIAN SANDWHICHES. Which if you are a devoted reader (and let's get real, WHO ISN'T) you know are maybe my most favorite thing EVER. So delish. Especially if you add in the Cape Cod Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips into the sub. YUM. Not awesome? The humidity on the East Coast. I've become even more of a wimp when it comes to miserable heat. It was a nice excuse to say the word "muggy" a lot, which is not often used or understood in LA.

OK gotta get back to work. (I KNOW! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I am doing lots of REAL work and not just tooling around on the interwebs!)

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