Monday, August 09, 2010

Is Arcade Fire sampling ABBA? (Or is it just wishful thinking?)

In eighth grade I obsessively listened to ABBA Gold. I remember writing out the lyrics to "Money Money Money" so that I could memorize every word uttered in that masterpiece of song. I'm sure I didn't really understand what it was I was singing about, but I will say that a result was my extensive knowledge of ABBA songs.

Over the weekend I bought the new Arcade Fire album The Suburbs and have been listening to it on repeat. I'm convinced the song "Modern Man," one of my favorite off this album, samples "Money Money Money."

Here's ABBA:

Now go to the 1:12 mark on Arcade Fire's song and see what I'm talking about:

"In my dreams, I have a plan..." RIGHT? AM I RIGHT? Or am I grasping at straws? Okay maybe I just think it would be awesome if Arcade Fire did sample ABBA...

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Fred Austere said...

"Sampling" would be to use the actual sound recording of ABBA, implicating both infringement of the sound recording and the underlying musical composition. But, I totally see your point. The music is very similar, especially at 1:12. Still, it's not as blatant and appalling as Bush's attempts at aping Nirvana in the mid-90s, but it's definitely noticeable. With Arcade Fire, it's probably just a sincere form of flattery.