Monday, December 08, 2008

Stamos vs. Stamos


We have a tight competition for Stamos & Stamos today. And it all has to do with the following word. A word that makes me think of JESUS, THE CELTICS, and BRITISH MONARCHIES.


Yes, today we're going to see how the two Stamos' face off in a race that is all about legacy.

First up, John Stamos (the dude):
'Full House' Remake? You got it dude.

Okay. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking how can Stamos (the chick... me) top that! I can't even get a mere 100 people to read my blog on a daily basis so how could my legacy even compete with his?

Let me just go right ahead and announce,

I win.

Yep. I do. Why? Well at this point it really boils down to the age thing. Sure I am turning 25 in less than a month, but that is 20 years younger than John Stamos, and I think it's safe to say we know what his legacy is: sick 80s hair, melodrama, and leather jackets (and a critically acclaimed stint in Cabaret on Broadway... I guess?). As for me? Well, that's where I win; we have NO IDEA where my future is going to take me but I have a feeling (or so this handwriting analysis lady once told me) that one of these days shit's gonna get real. I am about to blow this world wide open--my legacy is just going to dwarf that of John Stamos, bless him.

Editor's Note, Stamos vs. Stamos posts are in no way biased, despite Stamos (the chick) winning all previous entries. Nope, no predetermined wins here... none at all... it's all very objective... especially here... and here... and here...

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